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In recognition of the feat achieved by Jhalobia gardens, the Lagos State horticultural society in 1986 invited Jhalobia as a guest participant to their second annual exhibition.
In 1993, Mrs. V.A. Adepoju moved Jhalobia flower garden form Benin City to Muritala Muhammed International Airport Road, Lagos, where it presently occupies.
In Lagos, Jhalobia garden became a benchmark for other commercial gardeners to reorganize their gardes in imitation of aesthetic effect of formal arrangements of plants for sale and landscape artistry in commercial gardens.

The movement of Jhalobia garden to Lagos in 1993 increased her spheres of gardening and horticultural activities to become comprised of the following:

1. Planting and sales of plants.
2. Tropical cut-flower farming and sales of flowers.
3. Flower arrangement, for sales and deliveries to / fro clients.
4. Landscaping for private homes and offices.
5. Maintenance of garden we create or ones created by others.
6. Overhauling of old gardens and repair of gardens badly planted by others.
7. Consultancy services – drawing of designs for clients, and supervision of execution. Visit to clients’ gardens for problems diagnosis and solutions.
8. Training existing gardeners in client’s homes.
9. The setting up of Jhalobia Gardening School for the training of would be professional gardeners.
10. Thatch roofing which is now a common feature in many gardens was introduced to commercial gardening in Nigeria by Jhalobia in 1993.
11. Sales of garden furniture.
12. Sale of garden props for garden forms (topiary)
13. Fumigation of gardens against insects and fungi.

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